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Created September 26, 2017 10:24
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NPM based installation for haxeshim.
import Sys.*;
using sys.FileSystem;
class NpmInstall {
static function die(reason:String, ?code = 500) {
static function main()
for (a in args())
static function install(lib) {
switch command('npm', ['install', lib, '--prefix', '.']) {
case 0:
var dir = 'node_modules/$lib';
var npmVersion = haxe.Json.parse('$dir/package.json'.getContent()).version;
var haxelibJson =
try '$dir/haxelib.json'.getContent()
catch (e:Dynamic) null;
var cfg = switch haxelibJson {
case null:
println('No haxelib.json found in $dir, assuming top level class path');
cp: dir,
version: npmVersion,
case v:
var data:{ version: String, ?classPath: String } = haxe.Json.parse(v);
cp: switch data.classPath {
case null: dir;
case v: v;
version: data.version
if (!'haxe_libraries'.exists())
'# @install: npm install $lib@$npmVersion --prefix .',
'-cp ${cfg.cp}',
'-D $lib=${cfg.version}',
try '$dir/extraParams.hxml'.getContent() catch (e:Dynamic) '',
case v: die('npm install $lib failed', v);
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