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Created February 11, 2019 04:06
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00000000:is weapon
00000001:First Aid Spray
00000002:Green Herb
00000003:Red Herb
00000004:Blue Herb
00000005:Mixed Herb (G+G)
00000006:Mixed Herb (G+R)
00000007:Mixed Herb (G+B)
00000008:Mixed Herb (G+G+B)
00000009:Mixed Herb (G+G+G)
0000000A:Mixed Herb (G+R+B)
0000000B:Mixed Herb (R+B)
0000000C:Green Herb
0000000D:Red Herb
0000000E:Blue Herb
0000000F:Handgun Ammo
00000010:Shotgun Shells
00000011:Submachine Gun Ammo
00000012:MAG Ammo
00000016:Acid Rounds
00000017:Flame Rounds
00000018:Needle Cartridges
0000001A:Large-caliber Handgun Ammo
0000001B:High-Powered Rounds (SLS 60)
00000020:Ink Ribbon
00000021:Wooden Board
00000022:Electronic Gadget
00000023:Battery (9-volt)
00000025:Gunpowder (Large)
00000026:High-Grade Gunpowder (Yellow)
00000027:High-Grade Gunpowder (White)
00000030:High-Capacity Mag. (Matilda)
00000031:Muzzle Brake (Matilda)
00000032:Gun Stock(Matilda)
00000033:Speed Loader (SLS 60)
00000034:Laser Sight (JMB Hp3)
00000035:Reinforced Frame (SLS 60)
00000036:High-Capacity Mag. (JMB Hp3)
00000037:Shotgun Stock (W-870)
00000038:Long Barrel (W-870)
0000003A:High-Capacity Mag. (MQ 11)
0000003C:Suppressor (MQ 11)
0000003D:Red Dot Sight (Lightning Hawk)
0000003E:Long Barrel (Lightning Hawk)
00000040:Shoulder Stock (GM 79)
00000041:Regulator (Flamethrower)
00000042:High Voltage Condenser (Spark Shot)
00000048:Film "Hiding Place"
00000049:Film "Rising Rookie"
0000004A:Film "Commemorative"
0000004B:Film "3F Locker"
0000004C:Film "Lion Statue"
0000004D:Storage Room Key
0000004F:Mechanic Jack Handle
00000050:Square Crank
00000051:Unicorn Medallion
00000052:Spade Key
00000053:Parking Garage Key Card
00000054:Weapons Locker Key Card
00000056:Valve Handle
00000057:S.T.A.R.S. Badge
0000005A:Red Jewel
0000005B:Bejeweled Box
0000005D:Bishop Plug
0000005E:Rook Plug
0000005F:King Plug
00000062:Picture Block
00000066:USB Dongle Key
00000070:Spare Key (key pad)
00000072:Red Book (Art Object)
00000073:Statue's Left Arm
00000074:Left Arm with Book
00000076:Lion Medallion
00000077:Diamond Key
00000078:Car Key
0000007C:Maiden Medallion
0000007E:Power Panel Part
0000007F:Power Panel Part
00000080:Lovers Relief
00000081:Small Gear
00000082:Large Gear
00000083:Courtyard Key
00000084:Knight Plug
00000085:Pawn Plug
00000086:Queen Plug
00000087:Boxed Electronic Part
00000088:Boxed Electronic Part
0000009F:Orphanage Key
000000A0:Club Key
000000A9:Heart Key
000000AA:U.S.S. Digital Video Cassette
000000B0:T-Bar Valve Handle
000000B3:Dispersal Cartridge (Empty)
000000B4:Dispersal Cartridge (Solution)
000000B5:Dispersal Cartridge (Herbicide)
000000B7:Joint Plug
000000BA:Upgrade Chip (Admin)
000000BB:ID Wristband (Admin)
000000BC:Electronic Chip
000000BD:Signal Modulator
000000C2:Sewers Key
000000C3:ID Wristband (Visitor)
000000C4:ID Wristband (General Staff)
000000C5:ID Wristband (Senior Staff)
000000C6:Upgrade Chip (General Staff)
000000C7:Upgrade Chip (Senior Staff)
000000C8:ID Wristband (Visitor)
000000C9:ID Wristband (General Staff)
000000CA:ID Wristband (Senior Staff)
000000CB:Lab Digital Video Cassette
000000F0:Fuse (Main Hall)
000000F1:Fuse (Break Room Hallway)
000000F4:Bolt Cutter
000000F5:Stuffed Doll
00000106:Hip Pouch
00000123:Portable Safe
00000125:Tin Storage Box
00000126:Wooden Box
00000127:Wooden Box
00000128:Tin Storage Box
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bad1dea commented Feb 11, 2019

id:name:ammo type:qty:upgrade
00000001:Handgun - Matilda:0000000F:0000000C:00000000
00000001:Handgun - Matilda Upgraded:0000000F:00000018:00000007
00000002:Handgun - M19:0000001A:00000007:00000000
00000003:Handgun - JMB Hp3:0000000F:0000000D:00000000
00000003:Handgun - JMB Hp3 Upgraded:0000000F:0000001A:00000006
00000004:Handgun - Quickdraw Army Revolver:0000001A:00000006:00000000
00000007:Handgun - MUP:0000000F:00000010:00000000
00000008:Handgun - Broom Hc:0000000F:00000009:00000000
00000009:Handgun - SLS 60:0000000F:00000005:00000000
00000009:Handgun - SLS 60 Upgraded:0000001B:00000005:00000006
0000000B:Shotgun - W-870:00000010:00000004:00000000
0000000B:Shotgun - W-870 Upgraded:00000010:00000004:00000003
00000015:Sub Gun - MQ 11:00000011:00000018:00000000
00000015:Sub Gun - MQ 11 Upgraded:00000011:00000032:00000003
00000017:Sub Gun - LE 5 (Infinite):00000011:FFFFFFFF:00000000
0000001F:MAG - Lightning Hawk:00000012:00000007:00000000
00000029:EMF Visualizer:00000000:FFFFFFFF:00000000
0000002A:Grenade Launcher - GM 79:00000016:00000001:00000000
0000002A:Grenade Launcher - GM 79 Upgraded:00000017:00000001:00000001
0000002B:Chemical Flamethrower:00000019:00000190:00000000
0000002B:Chemical Flamethrower Upgraded:00000019:00000190:00000002
0000002C:Stun Gun - Spark Shot:00000018:00000007:00000000
0000002C:Stun Gun - Spark Shot Upgraded:00000018:00000007:00000002
0000002E:Combat Knife:00000000:000003E8:00000000
0000002F:Combat knife (Infinite):00000000:FFFFFFFF:00000000
00000031:Anti-tank Rocket:0000001C:00000004:00000000
00000041:Hand Grenade:00000000:00000003:00000000
00000042:Flash Grenade:00000000:00000003:00000000
00000052:Handgun - Samurai Edge (Infinite):0000000F:FFFFFFFF:00000000
00000053:Handgun - Samurai Edge (Chris Model):0000000F:0000000C:00000000
00000054:Handgun - Samurai Edge (Jill Model):0000000F:0000000C:00000000
00000055:Handgun - Samurai Edge (Albert Model):0000000F:0000000C:00000000
000000DE:ATM-4 (Infinite):0000001C:FFFFFFFF:00000000
000000F2:Anti-tank Rocket (Infinite):0000001C:FFFFFFFF:00000000
000000FC:Minigun (Infinite):00000000:FFFFFFFF:00000000

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