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Last active September 3, 2016 11:46
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Webdevelopment with Rust - Resources –
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ulanda commented Aug 30, 2016

Hi, is the "Build Rust with Emscriptem" documentation up to date? If so what can be done, I mean cant I use "webGL" or this just enables a command-line like environment I can run with node?

Also the project seems a bit outdated... any news on this?

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badboy commented Sep 3, 2016

@ulanda: Building Rust with Emscripten following the guideline should mostly work. It's still a bit hackish though.
And yes, you should be able to use webGL. There are examples using Glium to be compiled down to webGL and run in the browser, but again, as there's no full upstream support yet, all of this might break.

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