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return IMDb movie id for search string using the undocumented IMDb API
import requests
import urllib
def imdb_id_from_title(title):
""" return IMDb movie id for search string
title (str): the movie title search string
str. IMDB id, e.g., 'tt0095016'
None. If no match was found
pattern = '{movie_title}'
url = pattern.format(movie_title=urllib.quote(title))
r = requests.get(url)
res = r.json()
# sections in descending order or preference
for section in ['popular','exact','substring']:
key = 'title_' + section
if key in res:
return res[key][0]['id']
if __name__=="__main__":
title = "Die Hard"
print("{0} has id {1}".format(title, imdb_id_from_title(title)))
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