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LaTeX template
\newcommand\moduleName{C++, C and Java Programming Paradigms}
\newcommand\authorText{Owen Garland}
\newcommand\assesser{Fred Labrosse, Neal Snooke}
\title{\huge \module Assignment 2\\ \Large \moduleName}
Author & \authorText (\authorUsername)\\
& \studentID \\
Date Published & \today \\
& \\
Assessed By & \assesser \\
Department & Computer Science \\
Address & Aberystwyth University \\
& Penglais Campas \\
& Ceredigion \\
& SY23 3DB \\
\end{tabular} \\
Copyright \textcopyright Aberystwyth University 2015
\rfoot{Page \thepage \hspace{1pt} of \pageref{LastPage}}
\lfoot{Aberystwyth University - Computer Science}
Introduction text
Some content!!\cite{torvalds}
\item Object Orientation + efficiency
\item Operator overload
\item Strings
\item Native binaries
\item Multiple Inheritance
\item Exceptions
\bibitem{torvalds}95\% of the Linux Kernel is written in C \url{}
% Images
%\caption{initial design, full res image available in images folder \label{overflow}}
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