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Last active February 3, 2023 10:35
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FOSDEMgeddon, the game


(The rules were originally created for FOSDEM 2019)

  • You get one point for each FOSDEM talk you mean to attend but cannot enter because there is a FULL sign on the door.

  • The FOSDEM talk must be a talk in the official program to qualify for points.

  • You are not allowed to hunt down such rooms with the purpose of finding FULL rooms to add points for.

  • If you leave early from a room, you may not count another FOSDEMgeddon point again until 30 minutes after the talk that you left started (or if the talk was shorter, the length of that talk).

  • If you are denied entry because the room is full but there is no FULL sign on the door, you get 0.5 points.

  • The FULL sign on the door must not have been put there by yourself for the purpose of getting a score.

  • If you "give up" entering the room because the line is endless and you can see that you won't have a chance to enter anyway, you will not get any points. You can still find another room that has a sign!


You may tweet your score at any time, using the tag #FOSDEMgeddon. When doing so, you should ideally mention your total, accumulated score collected so far.

At the end of the FOSDEM Sunday, the individual who archieved the highest score wins.

The winner will be celebrated in all eternity.


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