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@bahamat bahamat/triton-update-all
Last active Jun 26, 2019

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set -o errexit
set -o xtrace
imgadm vacuum -f
sdcadm update --all --just-images -y
sdcadm self-update --allow-major-update --latest
sdcadm dc-maint start && printf "DC maintenance has started at %s\n" "$(date)"
sdcadm update --all -y --force-data-path
sdcadm experimental update --all -y
sdcadm experimental update-other
sdcadm experimental update-gz-tools --latest
sdcadm dc-maint stop && printf "DC maintenance has ended at %s\n" "$(date)"
sdcadm platform install --latest
sdcadm platform assign --latest --all
# sdcadm platform set-default --latest # not needed anymore?
sdc-oneachnode -a 'sdc-usbkey update'
printf 'Update of all components complete\n'
now=$(date +%Y%m%dT%H%M%SZ)
sdc-vmapi /vms?state=active\&tag.smartdc_type=core | json -Ha > "/opt/custom/core_services_${now}.json"
update-agents Update SDC agents
dc-maint Show and modify the DC maintenance mode.
update-other Temporary grabbag for small SDC update steps.
update-gz-tools Temporary grabbag for updating the SDC global zone tools.
add-new-agent-svcs Temporary grabbag for installing the SDC global zone new agents.
update-docker Add/update the docker service.
install-docker-cert Installs a custom TLS certificate to be used by sdc-docker.
portolan Add/update the portolan service.
fabrics Initialize fabrics in the datacenter.
default-fabric Initialize a default fabric for an account.

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commented May 16, 2017

line 14 needs to have an extra dash --force-data-path

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