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Script to update/upgrade all components of SDC/Triton
[root@headnode (barovia) ~]# cat /opt/custom/bin/update-all
set -o errexit
set -o xtrace
imgadm vacuum -f
sdcadm update --all --just-images -y
sdcadm self-update --allow-major-update --latest
sdcadm dc-maint start && printf "DC maintenance has started at %s\n" "$(date)"
sdcadm update --all -y
sdcadm experimental update-agents --latest --all -y
sdcadm experimental update-other
sdcadm experimental update-gz-tools --latest
sdcadm dc-maint stop && printf "DC maintenance has ended at %s\n" "$(date)"
sdcadm platform remove -a --cleanup-cache -y
sdcadm platform install --latest
sdcadm platform assign --latest --all
sdcadm platform set-default --latest
sdc-oneachnode -a 'sdc-usbkey update'
# Optional, will disrupt fabric network traffic
sdcadm update portolan --force-data-path
printf 'Update of all components complete\n'
now=$(date +%Y%m%dT%H%M%SZ)
sdc-vmapi /vms?state=active\&tag.smartdc_type=core | json -Ha > "/opt/custom/core_services_${now}.json"
update-agents Update SDC agents
dc-maint Show and modify the DC maintenance mode.
update-other Temporary grabbag for small SDC update steps.
update-gz-tools Temporary grabbag for updating the SDC global zone tools.
add-new-agent-svcs Temporary grabbag for installing the SDC global zone new agents.
update-docker Add/update the docker service.
install-docker-cert Installs a custom TLS certificate to be used by sdc-docker.
portolan Add/update the portolan service.
fabrics Initialize fabrics in the datacenter.
default-fabric Initialize a default fabric for an account.

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@bahamat bahamat commented May 15, 2020

The following script can be used to reboot all compute nodes, but you need to be sure this isn't going to disrupt your tenants.


if [[ -n "$TRACE" ]]; then
    export PS4='[\D{%FT%TZ}] ${BASH_SOURCE}:${LINENO}: ${FUNCNAME[0]:+${FUNCNAME[0]}(): }'
    set -o xtrace

# Stage each CN to reboot in 10m intervals
for s in $(sdc-server lookup hostname!=headnode -j | sort | json -ga hostname); do
        printf '%s will reboot in %d m.\n' "$s" "${time:=1}"
        sdc-oneachnode -n "$s" 'echo "init 6" | at now +'${time}'minute'
        time=$(( time + 10 ))
printf 'headnode will reboot in %d m.\n' "$time"
echo "init 6" | at now +${time}minute
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