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Add q-timeout to promises with either a value or callback
Example: timeout with message, just like Q.promise.timeout
.timeout(500, 'promise timed out!')
.then(function () {
console.log('foo has been resolved!');
.fail(function (msg) {
console.log('failed with value:', msg);
Example: timeout with callback, reject deferred if you want
.timeout(500, function (defer) {
console.log('timed out callback');
.fail(function (msg) {
if (msg)
console.log('failed with value:', msg);
var installed = false;
module.exports = function (q) {
(function addPromiseTimeoutSupport(q) {
if (installed) {
var _defer = q.defer;
q.defer = function () {
var d = _defer();
d.promise.timeout = function (ms, timedOutValue) {
setTimeout(function () {
if (typeof timedOutValue === 'function') {
} else {
}, ms);
return d.promise;
return d;
installed = true;

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bahmutov commented Jun 18, 2014

I always wanted to run a callback on promise timeout. Q.promise.timeout is almost what I needed, this adds ability to run a dedicated callback. One still needs to detect if the promise was rejected due to timeout in .fail callback.

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