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View basic-auth-[[path]].js
// Thanks to
// See:
const CREDENTIALS_REGEXP = /^ *[Bb][Aa][Ss][Ii][Cc] +([\w+./~-]+=*) *$/;
const USER_PASS_REGEXP = /^([^:]*):(.*)$/;
class Credentials {
constructor(name, pass) { = name;
View import_json_appsscript.js
* Retrieves all the rows in the active spreadsheet that contain data and logs the
* values for each row.
* For more information on using the Spreadsheet API, see
function readRows() {
var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();
var rows = sheet.getDataRange();
var numRows = rows.getNumRows();
bainternet /
Created September 16, 2020 22:38 — forked from benlk/
Collection of notes on WP_UnitTestCase
  1. Table of contents
  2. General information
    1. Terms
    2. General structure of a test
    3. WordPress-specific assertions and test functions
      • enqueues
      • creating posts
      • creating terms
      • attaching images
  • ?
bainternet /
Created April 18, 2020 13:36 — forked from jan-koch/
Bash script to export a database from a WordPress container and perform a search/replace using the UNIX command "sed". Script is based on
#! /bin/bash
# Dump the file
DUMP=$(docker exec $CONTAINER wp db export --add-drop-table --porcelain)
View How to add custom fields to posts and pages in

How to add custom fields to posts and pages in WordPress

Ever want to capture more data when creating a post or a page? Want to add some custom fields to your custom post type?

With WordPress’s metabox functionality, you can! There are a few moving parts here, so let’s walk through them one-by-one.

Quick aside: I’m going to share some PHP snippets. Place them in a plugin, or (less ideally) your functions.php file.

Create your metabox #

bainternet /
Created January 8, 2020 20:11 — forked from edheltzel/
Using PHP's built in server for WordPress development.


So in the past, I've used MAMP/MAMP Pro apps and others alike. I've also, setup my own local MAMP stack with homebrew, that used dnsmasq to dynamically add vhosts anytime I added a new folder to the Sites folder which made it very convenient. But, then I started running into other environment issues with PHP versions on remote machines/servers not being updated or some other crazy thingamabob breaking. I researched and invested time in Vagrant, but that seem to break more often than my homebrew setup. So I researched again investing time into Docker via Docker for Mac (which is BAMF), which I'm sold on and use daily, but it still seems a little bleeding edge and not so simple to wrap your head around the concept. Not to mention I don't have a real use case to play with and take advantage of all the features that come packed with Docker.

This is the beginning of trying to find something more simple, and slightly quicker to setup.

bainternet / collapse_sections.php
Created June 16, 2019 15:05 — forked from SJ-James/collapse_sections.php
Add a 'Collapse Section' button to the Elementor Editor
View collapse_sections.php
//Add to functions.php in child theme
function e_collapse_sections(){
<!-- Scripts and styles should enqueued properly but for the sake of having it all in one function...-->
if ( self !== top ) { // Check if we're in a preview window / iframe
bainternet / elementor-form-additional-webhook.php
Created March 14, 2019 09:32 — forked from csalzano/elementor-form-additional-webhook.php
Elementor Form additional webhook example
View elementor-form-additional-webhook.php
* Plugin Name: Elementor Form Additional Webhook
* Plugin URI:
* Description: Adds a second Webhook to the Lot Wizard trial signup form
* Version: 1.0.0
* Author: Corey Salzano
* Author URI:
* License: GPLv2 or later
* License URI:
bainternet / file.php
Created October 11, 2018 08:49
dd support for "Addify - Hide Product Price" to Elementor Price, and Add to Cart widgets
View file.php
* Add support for "Addify - Hide Product Price" to
* Elementor Price, and Add to Cart widgets
add_filter( 'elementor/widget/render_content', function ( $widget_content, $widget ) {
global $product;
// Make sure its an add to cart or price widget
$widget_name = $widget->get_name();
if ( ! in_array( $widget_name, [ 'wc-add-to-cart', 'woocommerce-product-price' ] ) ) {
bainternet /
Created October 11, 2018 06:53 — forked from ZachBray/
Google Sheets GitHub Issue Integration
var paramsSheetName = "GitHub Params";
function createGitHubParams() {
var sheets = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
var sheet = sheets.insertSheet(paramsSheetName);
sheet.appendRow(["API Token", "TODO"]);
sheet.appendRow(["Owner", "TODO"]);
sheet.appendRow(["Repository", "TODO"]);