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Last active Aug 8, 2020
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How to intercept LoopBack connector's execute method to implement retry mechanism
export class DbDataSource extends juggler.DataSource
implements LifeCycleObserver {
static dataSourceName = 'db';
static readonly defaultConfig = config;
@inject('datasources.config.db', {optional: true})
dsConfig: object = config,
) {
const connector = this.connector!;
// Save the original `execute` implementation
connector._originalExecute = connector.execute;
// Inject our custom version
connector.execute = function (...params: unknown[]) {
// IMPORTANT: connectors are still callback-based
// Unfortunately, LB4 type definitions are incorrect here.
const callback = params.pop() as Function;
console.log('executing', ...params);
// forward the arguments provided by the caller
// but use our own callback to intercept the outcome
(err: unknown, ...results: unknown[]) => {
console.log('result', err, ...results);
if (!err) {
// all is good, operation was a success
callback(err, ...results);
// modify the condition to match your retry criteria
const shouldRetry = (err as any).statusCode === 429;
if (!shouldRetry) {
// unknown error, report it back to the caller
callback(err, ...results);
// retry the request after 50ms
() => void connector.execute!(...params, callback),
} as any;
// ^^^ the cast is a hack to work around incorrect typings in LB4
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