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Created Apr 27, 2015
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cd /tmp
curl -L -O
tar -zxvf rkt-v0.5.4.tar.gz
cd rkt-v0.5.4
echo yes | ./rkt trust --prefix
./rkt fetch
cat <<EOF > etcd.json
"acVersion": "0.5.1",
"acKind": "PodManifest",
"apps": [
"name": "",
"image": {
"name": "etcd",
"id": "sha512-1eba37d9b344b33d272181e176da111ef2fdd4958b88ba4071e56db9ac07cf62"
"app": {
"exec": [
"group": "0",
"user": "0"
./rkt -debug run -pod-manifest=./etcd.json
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