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bakkot/lwdelay.user.js Secret

Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Userscript to discourage thoughtless posting on Less Wrong
// ==UserScript==
// @name LW Comment Delay
// @namespace
// @description Discourages thoughtless posting on Less Wrong
// @match*
// @match*/lw/*
// @version 1.1
// ==/UserScript==
Tested only on recent versions of Firefox and Chrome.
Save this file as something.user.js. Then:
Firefox users: Install Greasemonkey and open the saved file in Firefox.
Chrome users: Go to chrome://extensions and drag the saved file onto the main body of the window.
bakkot on github or LessWrong
var MESSAGE = "In posting this, I am making a good-faith contribution to the collective search for truth.";
// To change the delay, change '4000' below to some other number of milliseconds.
var styleEle = document.createElement('style');
styleEle.type = 'text/css';
styleEle.innerHTML = ':disabled { opacity: 0.5; }';
// OK, so, it's hard to make this accessible to the page, and addEventListener doesn't
// function properly in the context of cloneNode, which LW's JS uses. So... *shudder* this
// gets converted to a string and placed directly. This was the most straightforward
// solution I could find, I swear.
checkChanged = function(checkEle) {
var subButton = checkEle.parentNode.parentNode.querySelector('[type=\'submit\']');
if(checkEle.checked) {
subButton['data-timer'] = setTimeout(function(subButton){return function(){
subButton.disabled = false;
};}(subButton), 4000);
else {
subButton.disabled = true;
var injectHTML = '<label><input type=\'checkbox\' onchange="' +
'checkChanged = ' + checkChanged.toString() +
';checkChanged(this)" />' + MESSAGE +'</label>';
// Top-level comments
if(realcommentButtons=document.querySelector('.realcomment .buttons')) {
realcommentButtons.querySelector('[type=\'submit\']').disabled = true;
realcommentButtons.innerHTML += injectHTML;
// Replies
document.getElementById('cancel_').parentNode.innerHTML += injectHTML;
document.getElementById('comment_submit_').disabled = true;
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