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An example of how to get Backbone Models and Collections working in a firefox extension.
var Request = require('request').Request,
_ = require('./underscore'),
Backbone = require('./backbone'),
// Firefox Add-Ons cannot use jQuery in the background
// script, but there are instances where we need some
// jquery functionality, paricularly $.ajax, which
// is defined later.
$ = {
ajax: function (params) {
if (!params.url){
console.error('ajax request made without url');
return false;
var util = this;
params.onComplete = function (response) {
// WARNING: response is read-only.
if (response.status === 200){
params.success &&
params.success(response.text, response.status, response);
console.error('ajax request failed');
params.error &&
responseText: response.text,
status: response.status
// use our pseudo-jQuery instead
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