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balidani/ Secret

Created Jan 19, 2014
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from collections import defaultdict as d
from itertools import count as c
from operator import mul as m
_b, __b = [], d(list)
def _a():
_c = 1
for a in c():
if a < len(_b): _c = _b[a]
_c += 1
while _c in __b:
for b in __b[_c]: __b[_c+b]+=[b]
del __b[_c]
_c += 1
yield _c
def __a(n):
for _c in _a():
if _c > n: return
_d = 0
while n % _c == 0: _d, n = _d + 1, n / _c
if _d != 0: yield _c
def main():
___a = lambda n: int(reduce(m, (1 - 1.0 / p for p in __a(n)), n))
____a = lambda x,y: ___a(x*y)==___a(y)*___a(x)
_____a = lambda i,j: ((1<<14)-(3*(1<<11))-(1<<8)+(1<<4)<i<1<<17>>1|1077<<5 and 2**6|9<<2<=j<=1023&39|31<<5)
c = raw_input('Serial: ').split('-')
if len(c) != 6: raise
for x in range(0,6,2):
if not _____a(int(c[x]),int(c[x+1])) or (___a(int(c[x]))!=int(c[x])-1) or not ____a(int(c[x]),int(c[x+1])): raise
if len([y for y in c.__iter__() if y==c[x]])>>1 or len([z for z in c.__iter__() if z==c[x+1]])>>1: raise
for k in range(7,10):
a,b = int(c.pop()),int(c.pop())
for x in [a+b*n for n in range(k)]:
y = [p for p in __a(x)]
if not (len(y)==1 and y[0]==x): raise
with open('flag.txt','r') as f:
print 'Bzzt. Wrong!'
if __name__ == '__main__': main()
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