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Created August 28, 2015 06:05
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Page scraper
(ns clj.image-db-clj.ingestor
(:use net.cgrand.enlive-html)
(defn parse_page
"Retrieve all link references from the specified url"
(-> url URL. html-resource select [:a] ))
(defn folder-filter [anchor-tag]
(nil? (re-seq #"^\[|\.\w{2,4}$" (-> anchor-tag :content first))))
(defn image-filter [anchor-tag]
(identity (re-seq #"\.(jpg|gif|png|mng|jpeg|bmp)$" (-> anchor-tag :content first))))
(defn scrape-and-generate-tags [url tags stored]
(let [a-tags (filter folder-filter (parse-page url))]
(println a-tags)
(if (empty? a-tags)
(do (println "Tag: " (-> a-tags first :content))
(recur (apply str url "/" (-> a-tags first :content)) (concat tags (-> a-tags first :content)) nil)))))
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