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Created Mar 16, 2016

What would you like to do?
The minimalists #asktheminimalists notes from 2016-03-16

Best Books

Infinite Jest Something can be difficult and worthwhile at the same time.

10% Happier

Freedom Jonathen Franzem

Waking Up by Sam Harris

How to be here - rob bell

Dave Ramsy - Total Money Makeover

Becoming Yourself - David Limsky

We confuse excitement for passion so much.

Passive activities have no real payoff. Real payoff comes from drudgery, and getting through the boredom, and getting through it everyday, to pick something and to keep going through it, even when it is not working out - as long as it aligns with your values, otherwise it will be impossible to make it through.


  1. Travel
  2. Large crowds of people
  3. Public speaking

He doesn’t hate, but they make him uncomfortable.

If we just do what is comfortable, we are probably not doing what is valuable to us.

writing: 30% writing 70% editing extemporaneous brevity is the soul of wit “the great cleanup” blog post

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