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Last active Dec 9, 2015
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DocPad: Get Ruby, SASS and DocPad working on Heroku

DocPad: Get Ruby, SASS and DocPad working on Heroku

Getting Ruby, SASS and DocPad working on Heroku involves two steps:

  1. Ensuring all your plugins are the latest version. Open up your package.json and change all your docpad plugin dependency versions to 2.x and your docpad version to 6.x. Once done, run rm -Rf node_modules; npm install to grab the latest versions of everything.

  2. Installing Ruby and SASS on Heroku. Copy over the Gemfile, Gemfile.lock, and the .buildpacks files from to your own website. Then run heroku config:add BUILDPACK_URL= to tell heroku to use multiple buildpacks. Once done, deploy to heroku via git push heroku master and you may need to run heroku restart as sometimes the initial deploy fails.


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@alvinsj alvinsj commented Sep 21, 2015

heroku has some updates to enable multiple buildpacks

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