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DocPad: Clean dates in post URLs

DocPad: Clean dates in post URLs

Creates URLs like /2012/12/15/merry-xmas for your blog posts.

Requires momentjs to be installed: npm install --save moment

# Import
moment = require('moment')
# Configuration
docpadConfig =
# =================================
# Collections
posts: ->
@getCollection('documents').findAllLive({relativeOutDirPath:'blog'},[date:-1]).on 'add', (model) ->
dateUrl = moment(model.get('date')).format("/YYYY/MM/DD")+"/"+model.get('basename')
# Export
module.exports = docpadConfig

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fizzvr commented Apr 17, 2013

DocumentModel has no method 'setsmetaDefaults' :=)
Fix method name to setmetaDefaults

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