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Blog: Thoughts on Success & Money


Success is Money


Success is how much money you have. ~The World


False. Flawed. If you run out of money, then you become unsuccessful and you haven't added any value to the world. This is incorrect. Success should be culmaltive.

Success is Ideals


Success is the persistant accomplishment towards a worthy ideal. ~Earl Nightingdale / New Thought Movement


False. Flawed. If you are not spending every active second chasing your goal, then you feel guilty and unsuccessful. People need time out, they are not machines. People need to spend time with their family, and embrace moments of joy and happiness rather than dismissing them as time wasting.

Success is Contribution


Success is contributing to other people's lives.


Holds ground. You can never fail at contributing to people's lives, you are always doing that, even in the worst of times. You can also never lose the contributions you have given, they are always there, providing a culmative source of measurements and re-inforcement.


Money is Value


You get money by adding value to other people. Money is the measurement of how much value you've added. ~New Thought Movement


False. Flawed. When you run out of money, it means you haven't added enough value, it also makes you feel as if you have never added any value. Often, people may not have any money or little money to give you, but you can still add value to them. Trying to put an arbitary price on an arbitary moment is a fools game.

Money is a Joke


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