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Goals Refresh August 2013

Goals Refresh August 2013


  • Open-source and publicize everything
    • Code, Emails, Ideas, Conversations, Meetings, Learnings, Finances
  • Create and distribute enough value to receive a full-time income over 12 consecutive months via Gittip



  • Make DocPad client friendly
    • Via Importers and Admin GUIs
  • Make DocPad theme designer friendly
    • Distribute value to theme designers
  • Make DocPad end-user friendly
    • Via App Store apps, Cloud system, Skeleton chose
  • Empower contributors way more
    • Via videos, tutorials, and modularizing/abstracting-out the core
    • Provide contribution pathways


  • Move away from consulting
  • Publicize gittip and bountysource for support and prioritizing
  • Land more tier 3 support contracts
  • Provide internship and onboarding pathways


  • Provide mentorship pathways
  • Speak at conferences a lot more and become a better speaker
  • Move more into project management and leadership than coding
    • If I'm having to do something, it means I haven't empowered and inspired others enough to be able to do it
    • People should always be able to jump onboard instantly if they want to
  • Buy a nice home for my family
  • Continue to study Mark Shuttleworth, Elon Musk and Steve Jobs more
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