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A comparison of animal vs plant products

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commented Dec 28, 2013

I am a vegetarian(No eggs.Only milk,cheese and butter ) .So If I want to be a Vegan,will it miss calcium and B12 which I get from the milk and cheese ? I would like to know about your vegan diet for the 3 meals also.I hope you'll reply to me.Thank in advance.

P.S. I saw this article has been discussed against the vegan.Please check that also :


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commented Feb 5, 2014

@Sampath-Lokuge when you're starting out, it can definitely be hard to get correct information about this, especially considering how much money the animal agriculture business has to protect from the threat of veganism. The reality is that the article's claims have all been debunked as mere myths spread by animal agriculture to counter the threat of veganism. There's a reason why they don't provide any scientific sources in them. Please refer to for the counters with the relevant scientific sources, as well the work of (to name a few) Dr. John McDougal, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Melanie Joy, Rip Esselstyn, etc. For movies, Forks over Knives, Food Matters, and PlanEAT, are all good ones here. However, definitely follow up with the works of those doctors and the like, as they will contain a lot more science behind them, if you're into that. Actually, this talk covers all of your concerns I believe from memory, so that too good be a good place to start along with that article I've linked.

Being surrounded with vegans for more than a year now, of which a lot have been vegan for decades, all living incredibly healthy lifestyles — especially compared to the vitamin deficient, calorie dense meat, dairy, eggs, etc. lifestyle — has been a few of us supplement with B12, which despite all the nonsense and FUD you can get about it, you can easily find this in most daily foods like (soy/almond/oat/rice milks in the USA), mock meats, etc, or if you don't have fortified foods available you can get it in weekly or daily under the tongue or tablet doses. A lot of vegans get their blood tests done, and never need to supplement at all. Personally, I prefer to supplement — better safe than sorry in my opinion. Supplementation is much better alternative than murdering and devouring our fellow people and their products to get an un-guaranteed amount of B-12, and other vitamins etc with a guaranteed amount of harmful fats, proteins, chemicals, etc — with this comparison, it's clear to see vegan, even with supplementation, is better for your health, the environment, and the people within it.

For what my wife, my family, and I eat, best to email my wife at — and for a personalised training regime (including diet) not by us but by Vega (a company of and for vegan athletes), the website is amazing

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