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Talk/Presentation Checklist

Presentation Checklist

Many Days Before

  • Alert the event host of dietry and any special facility requirements

Many Hours Before

  • Practice practice practice, record the practices in case you have good ideas or bad ideas
  • Ensure all demos are working
  • Ensure transport is all good to go

Hours before

  • Pack microphone, laptop, charger, business cards, pen and notebook
  • Leave to arrive 1-2 hours earlier than you're meant to
  • Have food and water supplies

Hour Before

  • Ensure all demos are running in the background
  • Ensure all tabs you will need are open
  • Prepare business cards
  • Use a light coloured theme for your text editor (thanks @nkbt)
  • Turn off F.lux
  • When co-presenting, have a seat setup on the other side of the projector, not behind the person
  • Inform the event host of an intro they can use to introduce you

Minutes Before

  • Ensure laptop and microphone are plugged in
  • Ensure microphone is working and selected for recoding
  • Check that the projector is displaying ALL of the window, not just some of it
  • Start Recording with Screenflow


  • Signal to the event host to introduce you once you're all setup
  • Qualify YOURSELF, YOUR PRESENTATION, and YOUR PROJECT properly right at the start, as otherwise people won't care as much about your words


  • If you notice something that could be improved, it's acceptable to divert for a moment and make the correction, the sooner the better
  • Repeat people's questions for the microphone (when not using surround microphone mode)
  • When co-presenting, when your laptop is not in use, don't put your laptop on the floor to film people's feet, get it recording at a good angle
  • Don't follow up with "good" after polling the audience for statistics, it pre-supposes there is also a bad, which isn't the case
  • Make eye contact with group leaders, or everyone if a small group. Remember to make eye contact

Right After

  • Say thank you
  • Ask for questions, with follow up questions in person totally okay
  • Say thank you
  • Mention business cards, follow up channels
  • Stress importance of receiving their feedback, big or trivial, it all matters
  • Thank them for being a great audience, and that's all, have a good night
  • Stop recording
  • Hang around the stage for people to approach you


  • Always do impressive demos, if there isn't a "wow" moment in the demo, there's no point doing it
  • Make presentations way more personal... lively - like a play, plays are way more exciting than computers
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