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Talk Proposal: DocPad. Streamline your web development process, and integrate your team.

This is a proposal for a talk that I'd love to give. If you'd love to have me present this at your conference, please get in touch. If you'd like to attend this talk, please +1 it in the comments.

Talk Proposal: DocPad. Streamline your web development process, and integrate your team.


This talk will show how DocPad, a decoupled web architecture, is streamlining the web development process, while keeping your team integrated throughout.

There will be an overview of the decoupled architecture (watching, pre-processor and template engine rendering, database querying, dynamic abilities, and the new admin interfaces) and a demonstration of how it allows your designers to prototype in HTML with mock data, the developers to add real data and interactions, the marketers to do up content, all together, fluidly. Rather than seperate, non-backtrackable, steps.

We'll also cover real-world case studies of how companies such as MyPlanet Digital, one of Canada's largest web development firms, have embraced DocPad to streamline their web development process (from their code AND their team!)


2013 was a big year for DocPad. We hit 500 daily users, travelled across the world, got funded ever since July, and developed a new decoupled admin interface called Web Write's InlineGUI allowing for Content Creators to work directly on highly custom DocPad websites.

It's brought together a vision of decoupled creation experiences:

  • Designers/implementors: install your pre-processor, get layouts, pick your templating engine, live reload, etc
  • Developers: add dynamic abilities, database queries, write custom plugins, pull in remote feed data, etc
  • Bloggers: write your data with an existing service like Tumblr, and have it pulled in directly into the DocPad database
  • Content Writers: edit your DocPad website directly with one of the DocPad admin interfaces like WebWrite's InlineGUI

Which are only seperated by which plugins you have installed.

For 2014 our emphasis is on (a) front-end workflow process and automation, and (b) the challenges in getting designers and developers to understand each other and work together productively.




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