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Created March 7, 2011 04:58
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Ajaxify a Website using the HTML4 HashChange Functionality
// Prepare our Variables
document = window.document,
$ = window.jQuery;
// Wait for Document
// Prepare Variables
$content = $('#content'),
$body = $(document.body),
rootUrl = document.location.protocol+'//'+(document.location.hostname||;
// Ajaxify our Internal Links
$.fn.ajaxify = function(){
// Ajaxify internal links
var $this = $(this), url = $this.attr('href'), title = $this.attr('title')||null, relativeUrl = $(this).attr('href').replace(rootUrl,'');
document.location.hash = relativeUrl;
return false;
// Chain
return this;
// Ajaxify Page
// Hook into State Changes
// Prepare
relativeUrl = '/'+document.location.hash.replace(/^\//,''),
fullUrl = rootUrl+relativeUrl;
// Set Loading
// Start Fade Out
// Ajax Request the Traditional Page
// Find the content in the page's html, and apply it to our current page's content
if ( $content.ScrollTo||false ) $content.ScrollTo(); //
// Inform Google Analytics of the change
if ( typeof pageTracker !== 'undefined' ) {
}); // end get
}); // end onStateChange
}); // end onDomLoad
})(window); // end closure
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balupton commented Mar 7, 2011

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yemster commented Jan 19, 2012

Great work Benjamin - its been incredibly useful.

In case its useful to someone else, 2 generic changes I had to make to the gist:

On line #38: should also strip out leading # from the location.hash as it's not passed to the server resulting in an incomplete url being sent


relativeUrl = '/'+document.location.hash.replace(/^\//,'')


relativeUrl = '/'+document.location.hash.replace(/^\//,'').replace(/^#/,'')

and a typo on line #48: the ajax request should be using fullUrl instead of url so it becomes

// Ajax Request the Traditional Page 

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You don't need to wrap this with $ in jQuery plugins, this is already the jQuery collection.


Can be


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well , i don't know why the $.fn.find doesn't work for me . i use the jQuery JavaScript Library v1.6.1


i try to use $.fn.filter() and it works.hope to help someone...


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cjramki commented Nov 14, 2013

how to use this plugin to browser back button.
could please help me to solve this issue

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