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@balupton balupton/index.html
Created Jan 23, 2014

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Prototyping a polymer app
<user name="5">
<fullname name="fullname" value="Benjamin Arthur Lutpon">
<fullname name="emergencycontent" value="Pat Lupton">
<nickname name="nickname" value="Ben">
<username name="username" value="balupton">
<address name="primaryAddress">
<mysql connection="primary">
<content select="data user [name=fullname]"></content>
<content select="data user [name=emergencycontact]"></content>
<polymer-ajax uri="..." response="{{myReponse}}">
<sql connection="..." content="{{blah}}">
<polymer-element name="name">
<polymer-element name="fullname" extends="name">
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