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Talk Proposal: Building an open-source Skype with WebRTC and Web Components

This is a proposal for a talk that I'd love to give. If you'd love to have me present this at your conference, please get in touch. If you'd like to attend this talk, please +1 it in the comments.

Building an Open-Source Skype with WebRTC and Web Components

This talk will be about the tech challenges and innovations of building with an extreme focus on the extreme impact this combination of tech has: Building Skype is going to become as easy as building a web form.

  • Why are we here?
    • Web RTC allows web developers for the first time to build apps that literally talk to each other
    • Web Components allows us to create and distribute re-usable components on the web with standards
    • Together, these technologies allow us to connect communities together in ways never before possible
    • Big potential for disruption, telcos are on it, business are on it, startups are on it
  • What are is Web RTC and Web Components?
    • Web RTC lets us talk to other, using these APIs:
      • Media streaming (Webcam, Microphone, Screen, etc)
      • Data channels (Sending files or chat messages to each other)
      • Peer cummunication (Communicating directly with each other, without a server)
    • Web Components is encaspulated HTML, CSS, and JavaScript widgets, rather than Frameworks
      • Bring in a calendar widget, without styling and library conflicts, built on standards
      • Micro JS movement's dream come true
      • There is no need for heavyweight frameworks, so no rewrites are theoritically needed over time
    • Both are bleeding edge tech, so can be used together without worry
      • But like all things, because of browser incompatibilities, you need polyfills that normalize the behaviour between browsers
        • for Web RTC
        • Polymer for Web Components
  • Why do they matter? What is their impact?
    • Imagine:

       <rtc-media capture="camera" streamURI="{{myStreamURI}}"></rtc-media>
       <rtc-videoproc src="{{myStreamURI}}" filter="blackwhite" imageURI="{{mySnapshotURI}}"></rtc-videoproc>
       <rtc-room channel="interconnect">
       	<rtc-person streamURI="{{myStreamURI}}" snapshotURI="{{mySnapshotURI}}">
    • Demo of

  • Where are we now? Where are we going?
    • Implemented
      • Calling
      • Snapshots
      • Rooms
    • To go
      • Communities
      • Recording
      • Profile Pages
      • Developer Documentation
  • What are the takeaways?
    • Easy peasy to create amazing interactive communicating web apps, thanks to:
      • Web Components
      • InterConnect
    • What do you think?
    • What will you create?

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