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Using AusKey on Mac OSX

Using AusKey on Mac OSX


  1. Use Safari. Whenever you are prompted about Java security, click the follow menu items:
    1. Safari -> Preferences -> Security -> Manage Website Settings... -> Java
    2. Use the dropdown to enable Allow Always and Run in Unsafe Mode for the entries
  2. Make sure no other downloads are running, as the website requires a fast ping to work and will timeout otherwise
  3. Each computer requires it's own AusKey


  1. Install Java
  2. Register your AusKey for your computer (click the big yellow button at the bottom)
    1. Enter all your details, complete the form, you will get an access code, copy it, and you will get an email
    2. Click the link in the email, and use the access code you received when you completed the form
    3. This will install the AusKey for your computer
  3. Login to the ATO using your computer's AusKey
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