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Last active Jul 4, 2018
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Purchasing/Booking Flights Checklist

Purchasing/Booking Flights Checklist

Way before booking

  1. Visas
    1. Check out visa requirements
    2. Ensure you will have enough time to satisfy visa requirements. I generally minus 2 days from the maximum in case there are delays and whatnot.

Before Booking

  1. Is a flight needed?
    1. How long would it take to?
      1. Drive? (from wake up, to arrival at hotel)
      2. Fly? (from wake up, to arrival at hotel)
    2. How much would it cost to?
      1. Drive? (Factor in petrol costs)
      2. Fly? (Factor in costs of transport, meals, and luggage)
  2. How much would the flight cost?
    1. Ticket price
    2. Taxes
    3. Offsetting
    4. Luggage
    5. Transit to and from the airport
      1. Is getting public transit (train, bus) even possible at your flights time?
  3. Figure out discounts
    1. Write down the airfares for the day(s) you'd like with competing airlines
    2. Check out the match with discount offers that airlines provide
    3. If a price goes up during booking, check out your listing of competing prices and re-plan, chances are another airline has a cheaper airfare that you can get a competitive discount on


Airlines to avoid at all costs

Airlines that are dodgy

  • Jetstar Airways
      • You have to pay a $4 fee to make sure the price sticks. Crooks!
      • They can go up by any amount, even hundreds of dollars
      • If this happens, go back to your airfare and airline comparison table, and re-evaluate your options completely (running through the Before Booking section in its entirity, as it may be better to just drive now, or go with a competing airline with a discount)
    • No cancellation ability
  • Qatar
    • Jain vegan meals may have milk or egg accompanying them or inside them

Airlines that are good

  • Air Canada
    • Changes for $150CAD, cancellations with refunds for $200AUD.
    • Vegan options available (international only) though may have milk or egg accompanying them
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