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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Debugging Presario c710tu wireless on linux (ubuntu, lubuntu, chromiumos (gentoo)
# Check what drivers you have running
lsmod | grep iwl
# Check what drivers you have installed
ls -al /lib/firmware/* | grep iwl
# Remove the iwlwifi driver if it is there
sudo modprobe -rfv iwlwifi
# Ensure that the iwlwifi driver will never run
sudo echo "blacklist iwlwifi" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf
# Try something
# update: didn't work
sudo echo -e "\noptions iwlegacy bt_coex_active=N" > /etc/modprobe.d/iwlegacy.conf
sudo modprobe -rfv iwl3945
sudo modprobe -v iwl3945
# Do something? Perhaps this is disabling?
sudo rmmod -f iwl3945
# Disable hardware button check, just try to startup regardless of button
# This solved the connection issue once for me, but it seems the above may have currupted something after restart??
sudo modprobe iwl3945 disable_hw_scan=1
# Same as above, but more permanent solution perhaps?
sudo echo -e 'alias wlan0 iwl3945 \noptions iwl3945 disable_hw_scan=1' > /etc/modprobe.d/iwl3945.conf
# Unsure what this does, but perhaps it trys to prevent the wifi from ever suspending itself perhaps
# This alone solves the performance issues on (l)ubuntu when resuming from sleep, but does not solve the connection issue
sudo echo -e '\nSUSPEND_MODULES="iwl3945"' > /etc/pm/config.d/config
# Test if it is working
sudo iwlist wlan0 scan
# Find out what linux kernel your using
# Seems that there could be a problem with the driver and the linux kernel:
uname -r
# Learn available params for driver
sudo modinfo iwl3945
# Debugging
sudo cat /var/log/messages | grep switch
sudo lshw -C network
rfkill list all
dmesg | grep wlan0
dmesg | grep iwl
# If your /etc/network/interfaces contains 'restricted' please remove it,
# Drivers here:
# Update: downgrading from iwlwifi-3945-ucode- to iwlwifi-3945-ucode- didn't help either
# Find available drivers on gentoo
emerge -s iwl3945
# Make chrome os filesystem writeable
mount -oremount,rw /
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