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Summary of the Node.js Board controversy from what I can gather

Summary of the Node.js Board controversy from what I can gather.

All the redactions (and hidden/private conversations) has made it very hard for the outside to figure out what has occured.

Node.js Community Committee wanted Rod out:

Rod's tweets from the complaint:

The redacted company discussion as part of the allegations against Rod:

Internal discussion followed. Rod's response:

Node.js Technical Committee voted, kept Rod, several people resigned and setup their own fork (Ayo.js) because of that:

Discussion around Ayo.js' values:

Node.js Board released a statement:

NPM issued a statement:

Concerns about the processes that lead this situation:

Efforts are underway to setup a new Moderation Team:

Articles on the matter:

Code of Conduct Violation Report regarding Ashley Williams

Latest tweets on the matter:

If I've got anything wrong here, or you have feedback, suggestions, improvements, then post a comment and I'll address it in the coming days.

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