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Trying my best to be worth something.

Benjamin Lupton balupton

Trying my best to be worth something.
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Last active Jun 23, 2020
DNSCrypt Setup


These days instead of the below, I recommend using my setup-dns script from my dotfiles which will setup encrypted DNS for you automatically.



Install DNSCrypt:

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Created Sep 30, 2017
Atlas shrugged on slavery by servitude

You are an indivisible entity of matter and consciousness . Renounce your consciousness and you become a brute . Renounce your body and you become a fake . Renounce the material world and you surrender it to evil . “ And that is precisely the goal of your morality , the duty that your code demands of you . Give to that which you do not enjoy , serve that which you do not admire , submit to that which you consider evil — surrender the world to the values of others , deny , reject , renounce your self . Your self is your mind ; renounce it and you become a chunk of meat ready for any cannibal to swallow . “ It is your mind that they want you to surrender — all those who preach the creed of sacrifice , whatever their tags or their motives , whether they demand it for the sake of your soul or of your body , whether they promise you another life in heaven or a full stomach on this earth . Those who start by saying : ‘ It is selfish to pursue your own wishes , you must sacrifice them to the wishes of others ’ — end

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Created Sep 25, 2017
Travel Resources
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Country and Visa Details
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Last active Aug 27, 2017
My thoughts on Universal Basic Income, from a chat transcript


Hey guys, I’d like to have your opinion on something. As we all work in tech my guess is that most of us think Universal Basic Income (UBI) is an idea that should be given serious thought I also think many of you have seen this video by Laurent Alexandre last week :

In the video he says:

“I think putting in place a UBI is suicidal If we deal with the replacement of traditional jobs by IA by putting aside people who cannot work hand-in-hand with AI and giving them “food and distraction”, in 50y we’ll have a society like Metropolis and in 100y like the Matrix. We have to fight day in day out to reform education and industries to make sure workers stay relevant and complementary with AI”

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Last active Jun 5, 2019
Summary of the Node.js Board controversy from what I can gather
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Last active Nov 15, 2017
Seems the open-source world requires a code of conduct for everything right now. So here is a draft one I’ve done up for Bevry. Feedback welcome.

Bevry Draft Code of Conduct

TLDR: Be a productive member of civilised society, no more, no less.

Results > Character > Identity.

We care only about your character and your results. We discriminate at the individual level, not the group identity level. You can be whatever identity you want, your identity is your thing not ours, identity is meaningless to us.

Libertarian Values.

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// my initial code from
'use strict'
const h = require('hyperscript')
module.exports = function (opts = {}) {
// Prepare
const { document, content } = this
const {
permalink = document.url,
balupton / sprout.js
Last active Feb 15, 2017
automate bevry/base
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'use strict'
const exec = require('exec-then')
// prefills values for questions to ask, such that if there is a non-null value, ask the question
// if the value has a value, skip the question
// alterantive would be a `value` property on questions, which if not null, then ask the question
exports.load = function (utils) {
return'package.json').then(function (source) {
const data = JSON.parse(source)
return {
balupton / next.config.js
Created Feb 3, 2017
next.js webpack configs
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module.exports = {
webpack: (config) => {
const webpack = require('webpack')
const BundleAnalyzerPlugin = require('webpack-bundle-analyzer').BundleAnalyzerPlugin
config.plugins = config.plugins || []
config.plugins.push(new webpack.ContextReplacementPlugin(/moment[/\\]locale$/, /en/))
config.plugins.push(new BundleAnalyzerPlugin())
return config
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Last active Jul 18, 2020
Convert XPS to PDF on Linux and Mac using bash

Convert XPS to PDF on Linux and Mac

  1. Download this file

  2. chmod +x ./xps2pdf.bash

  3. To convert a particular xps file: ./xps2pdf.bash thefile.xps

  4. To convert all xps files in the current working directory: ./xps2pdf.bash *.xps

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