Welcome to Tinkle

Tinkle is an introspection saving library and an extrospection rendering library.


Run the following:

mkdir tinkle-example

Some thoughts on a new CMS, in different progressions.

View es6guardian.js
#!/usr/bin/env node
try {
} catch (err) {
var name = require('path').dirname(__dirname)
console.log('es6 not supported in your environment, downgrading '+name+' to es5')
var lazyRequire = require('lazy-require')
lazyRequire('babel', function(err){
if ( err ) {

This gist is used to contain list of issues I've encountered with entities. Luckily, all have been resolved.


Thank you to all the following people in my life, in no particular order

Helen Lupton for being the one person who's always supported me, perhaps even when you're mad at me... and for the most part, making me smile. It's been a pleasure growing alongside you.

Kasper Tidemann for being there with your always supportive encouraging words and laugh when I needed them most, and as well for financially believing in me

Rob Morris for being there to provide business and financial advisory when I most needed it

Harris for being someone I can adventure with, and be a kid with

View app.js
var Stream = require('stream').extend({
// arguments[i].pipe(this)
drink: function(){
var me = this{
return this
// this.pipe(arguments[i])

Dual Booting on an iMac 27" Mid 2011

UPDATE: See comment section below this post.

This guide is so complicated because the iMac's 27" Mid 2011 SuperDrive doesn't recognise the windows install disc. It's useless.

IMPORTANT: Unplug all external and physical hard drives (where possible) that you won't be installing to to avoid accidentally erasing them. Also make note of which drives and partitions remain (e.g. System and Storage hard drives), and be super careful to not erase the wrong one.

RECOVERY: If you nuke your machine, restore your time machine backup. Instructions here.