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var util = require('util')
require('chainy').create().require('feed set map exec')
.set(['bevry', 'docpad'])
.addExtension('pagefeed', 'action', function(url, opts, next){
url = url.replace('PER_PAGE', opts.per_page).replace('PAGE',
var chain = this
var results = []
var fetch = function(page){


Podcasts that I've taken note of.

Libre Music

  • Starfrosch

Running a Google Hangout on Air

  1. Before Creating the Hangout On Air
    1. Create a Google Document with public editing that you can use as the agenda, taking notes, and for others not able to call to keep up
  2. Creating the Hangout on Air
    1. Invite Public, and the communities as the Audience
      1. Public is needed as otherwise the video is not available on youtube and the hangout isn't visible to others afterwards
    2. Set the description to the google document
    3. Click the enable Q&a button
  3. Start the hangout

Bevry member geolocation consolidation script

This is an example script of doing some advanced data operations with high-level APIs

  • is my upcoming way of doing this, using chainy
  • desired.js is my desired way of doing this, not yet possible
  • highland.js is a mostly-working implementation using highland

The goal of the script is to:


Modded Xbox Guide

Getting Homebrew Games

  1. Download from
  2. Transfer the iso over to xbox via ftp into F:/games
  3. Somehow extract the iso

Getting Emulated Homebrew Games


Install ChromiumOS

  1. Get Chromium OS from one of the following places
    1. Download the vanilla build (old but stable):
      1. NOTE: Password is facepunch
    2. Download the nightly build (sync doesn't work):
      1. NOTE: If you want developer mode, you must change _base_ in the download URL to _test_ as the base image does not have developer tools enabled
      2. NOTE: Password is unknown, instructions for working around this are provided later
      3. NOTE: I could not get syncing working with this build, perhaps due to no API KEYS being provided???
      4. NOTE: I could not move past the welcome screen on the 64bit build due to no network being found (32bit worked)
# Check what drivers you have running
lsmod | grep iwl
# Check what drivers you have installed
ls -al /lib/firmware/* | grep iwl
# Remove the iwlwifi driver if it is there
sudo modprobe -rfv iwlwifi
# Ensure that the iwlwifi driver will never run

Remove script for Gmail

function Intialize() {

function Install() {
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