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Last active December 12, 2020 02:58
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Audio File Transcription for Transcribe API Aws ==
/********** Step 1 **********************
*********** File Imports ***************/
import com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.ObjectMapper;
import okhttp3.OkHttpClient;
import okhttp3.Request;
import okhttp3.Response;
// Check at Another Gist >>
import dehaze.mvp.service.dto.awstranscribe.TranscriptionResponseDTO;
/*********************************** Step 2***********************************
**************** Initialize Trascribe Client *******************************/
AmazonTranscribe transcribeClient() {
log.debug("Intialize Transcribe Client");
BasicAWSCredentials awsCreds = new BasicAWSCredentials(awsAccessKey, awsSecretKey);
AWSStaticCredentialsProvider awsStaticCredentialsProvider = new AWSStaticCredentialsProvider(awsCreds);
return AmazonTranscribeClientBuilder.standard().withCredentials(awsStaticCredentialsProvider)
/***** Step 3*********************************************************************
* ***************Upload/Delte File to Aws method ***************************************
******* You can skip if you already have file in the aws bucket*******/
AmazonS3 s3Client() {
log.debug("Intialize AWS S3 Client");
BasicAWSCredentials awsCreds = new BasicAWSCredentials(awsAccessKey, awsSecretKey);
AWSStaticCredentialsProvider awsStaticCredentialsProvider = new AWSStaticCredentialsProvider(awsCreds);
return AmazonS3ClientBuilder.standard().withCredentials(awsStaticCredentialsProvider).withRegion(awsRegion)
public void uploadFileToAwsBucket(MultipartFile file) {
log.debug("Upload file to AWS Bucket {}", file);
String key = file.getOriginalFilename().replaceAll(" ", "_").toLowerCase();
try {
s3Client().putObject(bucketName, key, file.getInputStream(), null);
} catch (SdkClientException | IOException e) {
public void deleteFileFromAwsBucket(String fileName) {
log.debug("Delete File from AWS Bucket {}", fileName);
String key = fileName.replaceAll(" ", "_").toLowerCase();
s3Client().deleteObject(bucketName, key);
/*************** Step 4 ******************
* **** Start Transcription Job Method******/
StartTranscriptionJobResult startTranscriptionJob(String key) {
log.debug("Start Transcription Job By Key {}",key);
Media media = new Media().withMediaFileUri(s3Client().getUrl(bucketName, key).toExternalForm());
String jobName = key.concat(RandomString.make());
StartTranscriptionJobRequest startTranscriptionJobRequest = new StartTranscriptionJobRequest()
StartTranscriptionJobResult startTranscriptionJobResult = transcribeClient()
return startTranscriptionJobResult;
/**************************Step 5*****************
* *** Get Transcription Job Result method *********/
GetTranscriptionJobResult getTranscriptionJobResult(String jobName) {
log.debug("Get Transcription Job Result By Job Name : {}",jobName);
GetTranscriptionJobRequest getTranscriptionJobRequest = new GetTranscriptionJobRequest()
Boolean resultFound = false;
TranscriptionJob transcriptionJob = new TranscriptionJob();
GetTranscriptionJobResult getTranscriptionJobResult = new GetTranscriptionJobResult();
while (resultFound == false) {
getTranscriptionJobResult = transcribeClient().getTranscriptionJob(getTranscriptionJobRequest);
transcriptionJob = getTranscriptionJobResult.getTranscriptionJob();
if (transcriptionJob.getTranscriptionJobStatus()
.equalsIgnoreCase( {
return getTranscriptionJobResult;
} else if (transcriptionJob.getTranscriptionJobStatus()
.equalsIgnoreCase( {
return null;
} else if (transcriptionJob.getTranscriptionJobStatus()
.equalsIgnoreCase( {
try {
} catch (InterruptedException e) {
log.debug("Interrupted Exception {}", e.getMessage());
return getTranscriptionJobResult;
/******************Step 6 **************************
* Download Transcription Result from URI Method *********/
TranscriptionResponseDTO downloadTranscriptionResponse(String uri){
log.debug("Download Transcription Result from Transcribe URi {}", uri);
OkHttpClient okHttpClient = new OkHttpClient()
.connectTimeout(60, TimeUnit.SECONDS)
.writeTimeout(60, TimeUnit.SECONDS)
.readTimeout(60, TimeUnit.SECONDS)
Request request = new Request.Builder().url(uri).build();
Response response;
try {
response = okHttpClient.newCall(request).execute();
String body = response.body().string();
ObjectMapper objectMapper = new ObjectMapper();
return objectMapper.readValue(body, TranscriptionResponseDTO.class);
} catch (IOException e) {
return null;
/***************************** Step 7 *****************************
* **** Delete Transcription Job Method ************
* TO delete transcription job after getting result****/
void deleteTranscriptionJob(String jobName) {
log.debug("Delete Transcription Job from amazon Transcribe {}",jobName);
DeleteTranscriptionJobRequest deleteTranscriptionJobRequest = new DeleteTranscriptionJobRequest()
/********************************* Step 8****************************************
* Extract Speech Text method that combines all methods to a single method******
***** You can do skip upload delete methods if you want to just process file in AWs
* ** by passing key for filename in bucket and create media *****/
public TranscriptionResponseDTO extractSpeechTextFromVideo(MultipartFile file) {
log.debug("Request to extract Speech Text from Video : {}",file);
// Upload file to Aws
// Create a key that is like name for file and will be used for creating unique name based id for transcription job
String key = file.getOriginalFilename().replaceAll(" ", "_").toLowerCase();
// Start Transcription Job and get result
StartTranscriptionJobResult startTranscriptionJobResult = startTranscriptionJob(key);
// Get name of job started for the file
String transcriptionJobName = startTranscriptionJobResult.getTranscriptionJob().getTranscriptionJobName();
// Get result after the procesiing is complete
GetTranscriptionJobResult getTranscriptionJobResult = getTranscriptionJobResult(transcriptionJobName);
//delete file as processing is done
// Url of result file for transcription
String transcriptFileUriString = getTranscriptionJobResult.getTranscriptionJob().getTranscript().getTranscriptFileUri();
// Get the transcription response by downloading the file
TranscriptionResponseDTO transcriptionResponseDTO = downloadTranscriptionResponse(transcriptFileUriString);
//Delete the transcription job after finishing or it will get deleted after 90 days automatically if you do not call
return transcriptionResponseDTO;
////// For the transcription Response DTO
//// Check this Url for Gist >>
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