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Created April 20, 2011 10:22
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The result of running `ls --help` in Pry
[14] (pry) main: 0> ls -h
Usage: ls [-m|-M|-p|-pM] [-q|-v] [-c|-i] [Object]
ls [-g] [-l]
ls shows you which methods, constants and variables are accessible to Pry. By default it shows you the local variables defined in the current shell, and any public methods or instance variables defined on the current object.
The colours used are configurable using*_color, and the separator is is used to hide methods defined higher up in the inheritance chain, this is by default set to [Object, Module, Class] so that methods defined on all Objects are omitted. The -v flag can be used to ignore this setting and show all methods, while the -q can be used to set the ceiling much lower and show only methods defined on the object or its direct class.
-m, --methods Show public methods defined on the Object (default)
-M, --instance-methods Show methods defined in a Module or Class
-p, --ppp Show public, protected (in yellow) and private (in green) methods
-q, --quiet Show only methods defined on object.singleton_class and object.class
-v, --verbose Show methods and constants on all super-classes (ignores
-g, --globals Show global variables, including those builtin to Ruby (in cyan)
-l, --locals Show locals, including those provided by Pry (in red)
-c, --constants Show constants, highlighting classes (in blue), and exceptions (in purple)
-i, --ivars Show instance variables (in blue) and class variables (in bright blue)
-G, --grep Filter output by regular expression
-h, --help Show this message.
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