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[2] (pry) main: 0> gist -h
Usage: gist [OPTIONS] [METH]
Gist method (doc or source) or input expression to github.
Ensure the `gist` gem is properly working before use. for instructions.
e.g: gist -m my_method
e.g: gist -d my_method
e.g: gist -i 1..10
e.g: gist -c show-method
e.g: gist -m hello_world --lines 2..-2
-m, --method Gist a method's source.
-d, --doc Gist a method's documentation.
-c, --command Gist a command's source.
-f, --file Gist a file.
-p, --public Create a public gist (default: false)
-l, --lines Only gist a subset of lines.
-i, --in Gist entries from Pry's input expression history. Takes an index or range.
-h, --help Show this message.

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