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Last active Jan 23, 2019
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How to access LTO node dashboard/API

To enable API in the docker-compose.yml, add these lines to the envoronment section:

      - LTO_API_KEY=your super secret password
      - LTO_ENABLE_REST_API=true

Access the node using SSH tunnel

Connect to your node and and create a tunnel.

ssh -L 6869: your_node_ip

If you are using Putty, look for this option under Connection / SSH / Tunnels.

Open in the browser.

Or, expose the node using a webserver

Install Caddy server

CADDY_TELEMETRY=on curl | bash -s personal

Create Caddyfile {
  basicauth / username your_secret_password
  proxy /

Run the server from the same directory


Open <your_node_ip> in the browser.

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