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import json
from collections import Counter, defaultdict
from dataclasses import dataclass, field
from decimal import Decimal
from itertools import chain
import requests
from eth_abi import encode_single
from eth_utils import function_signature_to_4byte_selector, decode_hex, encode_hex
from itertools import count
from import w3
class Voter:
yays: list = field(default_factory=list)
weight: Decimal = Decimal()
def get_contract(address):
resp = requests.get(
params=dict(module='contract', action='getabi', address=address, format='raw')
return w3.eth.contract(address, abi=resp.json())
def decode_spell(address):
spell = get_contract(address)
whom = spell.functions.whom().call()
mom = get_contract(whom)
return mom.decode_function_input(
def get_slates(chief):
etches =
slates = {encode_hex(etch['args']['slate']) for etch in etches}
return slates
def slate_to_addresses(chief, slate):
addresses = []
for i in count():
addresses.append(chief.functions.slates(slate, i).call())
except ValueError:
return addresses
def func_topic(func):
return encode_hex(encode_single('bytes32', function_signature_to_4byte_selector(func)))
def get_notes(chief):
# get yays and slate votes
return w3.eth.getLogs({
'address': chief.address,
'topics': [
[func_topic('vote(address[])'), func_topic('vote(bytes32)')]
'fromBlock': 4749331,
def notes_to_voters(chief, notes, slates_yays):
voters = defaultdict(Voter)
for note in notes:
data = decode_hex(note['data'])[96:]
func, args = chief.decode_function_input(data)
sender = w3.toChecksumAddress(note['topics'][1][12:])
v = voters[sender]
v.yays = slates_yays[encode_hex(args['slate'])] if 'slate' in args else args['yays']
for v in voters:
voters[v].weight = w3.fromWei(chief.functions.deposits(v).call(), 'ether')
return voters
def voters_to_results(voters):
proposals = Counter()
for addr in voters:
for yay in voters[addr].yays:
proposals[yay] += voters[addr].weight
return proposals.most_common()
def votes_for_proposal(proposal, voters):
votes = Counter()
for addr in voters:
if proposal in voters[addr].yays and voters[addr].weight > 0:
votes[addr] = voters[addr].weight
return votes.most_common()
def voters():
chief = get_contract('0x8E2a84D6adE1E7ffFEe039A35EF5F19F13057152')
slates = get_slates(chief)
slates_yays = {slate: slate_to_addresses(chief, slate) for slate in slates}
notes = get_notes(chief)
voters = notes_to_voters(chief, notes, slates_yays)
for proposal, votes in voters_to_results(voters):
print(proposal, votes)
func, args = decode_spell(proposal)
print(func, args)
print('unknown spell')
for voter, weight in votes_for_proposal(proposal, voters):
print(' ', voter, weight)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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