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bat: Stop BadRabbit Ransomeware
@echo off
:: This is not my code, the BadRabbit Ransomeware was posted on a following video:
:: Idea for Petya Ransomeware was given on:
:: I just made this to make it available easily.
:: For BadRabbit
type NUL > %windir%\cscc.dat
type NUL > %windir%\infpub.dat
icacls "%windir%\cscc.dat" /inheritance:r /remove Administrators
icacls "%windir%\infpub.dat" /inheritance:r /remove Administrators
:: For Petya/NotPetya/SortaPetya
type NUL > %windir%\perfc.dll
type NUL > %windir%\perfc.dat
type NUL > %windir%\perfc
icacls "%windir%\perfc.dll" /inheritance:r /remove Administrators
icacls "%windir%\perfc.dat" /inheritance:r /remove Administrators
icacls "%windir%\perfc" /inheritance:r /remove Administrators
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pquerner commented Nov 10, 2017

This assumes Windows is installed on C drive. Maybe the Systemvariable %windir% can be used instead to help cases where this is not the case.

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Phoenix1747 commented Nov 11, 2017

Hi, thanks for this script! I took the liberty of using and updating this and uploaded it all as an independent repository at hope this is ok for you 😃

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bantya commented Jan 21, 2018

Thanks @pquerner for the %windir% suggestion.
And @Phoenix1747, its perfectly OK for me. I too used someone else's idea and modified it.

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