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Alexander Gabriel barbalex

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Alexanders-MacBook-Pro:awel-personal alexandergabriel$ node_modules/.bin/electron-rebuild -f -w better-sqlite3
✖ Rebuild Failed
An unhandled error occurred inside electron-rebuild
gyp info it worked if it ends with ok
gyp info using node-gyp@3.8.0
gyp info using node@10.15.1 | darwin | x64
gyp info spawn /usr/bin/python
gyp info spawn args [ '/Users/alexandergabriel/awel-personal/node_modules/node-gyp/gyp/',
gyp info spawn args 'binding.gyp',
View writeExport.js
* writes a dataArray to an Excel workbook
import Promise from 'bluebird'
const Excel = require('exceljs')
export default (path, dataArray) =>
new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
View kapla2_package.json
"name": "Kapla",
"productName": "Kapla",
"description": "Instrument, mit dem die Abteilung Recht des AWEL Geschäfte erfasst und Fristen kontrolliert",
"version": "1.0.0",
"repository": {
"type": "git",
"url": "git+"
"author": {
View kapla_writeExport.js
* writes a dataArray to an Excel workbook
* this must happen in child process
* otherwise a blank page results
* get dataArray listening to process.send
const Excel = require('exceljs')
// path is passed as only argument of the process
View kapla_exportGeschaefte.js
* gets save path
* pass dataArray using process.send
* kill child process at end?
import electron, { remote } from 'electron'
import pathModule from 'path'
import childProcess from 'child_process'
View kapla_package.json
"name": "Kapla",
"productName": "Kapla",
"version": "1.0.0",
"description": "Instrument, mit dem der Rechtsdienst des AWEL Geschäfte erfasst und Fristen kontrolliert",
"main": "main.js",
"scripts": {
"test": "cross-env NODE_ENV=test mocha --compilers js:babel-core/register --recursive --require ./test/setup.js test/**/*.spec.js",
"test-watch": "npm test -- --watch",
"test-e2e": "cross-env NODE_ENV=test mocha --compilers js:babel-core/register --require ./test/setup.js --require co-mocha ./test/e2e.js",
View res output.json
domain: null,
_events: {},
_eventsCount: 0,
_maxListeners: undefined,
IncomingMessage {
ReadableState {
objectMode: false,
View taxonomie_beispiel_lr.json
"Name": "CH Delarze (2008): Lebensräume",
"Gruppe": "Lebensräume",
"Eigenschaften": {
"Taxonomie": "CH Delarze (2008): Lebensräume",
"Einheit-Nr FNS": "44",
"Label": "2.2.3",
"Einheit": "Kalk-Kleinseggenried",
"Lateinisch": "Caricion davallianae",
"Französisch": "Parvocariçaie neutro-basophile",
View taxonomie_beispiel.json
"Name": "CSCF (2009)",
"Beschreibung": "Index der Info Fauna. Eigenschaften von 21542 Tierarten",
"Datenstand": "2009",
"Link": "",
"Gruppe": "Fauna",
"Eigenschaften": {
"Taxonomie ID": 21207,
"Klasse": "Insecta",
"Ordnung": "Coleoptera",
View evab-queries.sql
CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW v_exportevab_beob AS
SELECT CONCAT('{', apflora.tpopkontr.ZeitGuid, '}') AS fkZeitpunkt, CONCAT('{', apflora.tpopkontr.TPopKontrGuid, '}') AS idBeobachtung, IF(apflora.adresse.EvabIdPerson Is Not Null, apflora.adresse.EvabIdPerson, '{A1146AE4-4E03-4032-8AA8-BC46BA02F468}') AS fkAutor, apflora.ap.ApArtId AS fkArt, 18 AS fkArtgruppe, 1 AS fkAA1, tpopHerkunft.ZdsfHerkunft AS fkAAINTRODUIT, tpopHerkunft.ZdsfVorhanden AS fkAAPRESENCE, apflora.tpopkontr.TPopKontrGefaehrdung AS MENACES, LEFT(apflora.tpopkontr.TPopKontrVitalitaet, 200) AS VITALITE_PLANTE, LEFT(apflora.tpop.TPopBeschr, 244) AS STATION, LEFT(CONCAT('Anzahlen: ', GROUP_CONCAT(apflora.tpopkontrzaehl.Anzahl SEPARATOR ', '), ', Zaehleinheiten: ', GROUP_CONCAT(apflora.tpopkontrzaehl_einheit_werte.ZaehleinheitTxt SEPARATOR ', '), ', Methoden: ', GROUP_CONCAT(apflora.tpopkontrzaehl_methode_werte.BeurteilTxt SEPARATOR ', ')), 160) AS ABONDANCE
FROM (((((((apflora.ap INNER JOIN apflora.pop ON apflora.ap.ApArtId = apflora.pop.ApArtId) INNE
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