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Mike barbeque

  • Calgary AB Canada
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<kastein> like many children, that truck was a mistake which the owner mostly regrets
<ACE_work> Justification for breeding is often completely insane
<chrisgt> could say the same thing about impulse buying cars on craigslist
<chrisgt> in the long run, the car is cheaper
<ssswitch> at least if you impulse buy a car you can scrap it for base materials
<ssswitch> can't do that with a kid unless romney wins
<ssswitch> also it's a bigger pain to transfer the title on a kid
<chrisgt> and if kids are over 15, you still need a title
<chrisgt> bill of sale isn't good enogh
<ssswitch> and the salvage inspection. jesus
barbeque /
Created Feb 28, 2012 — forked from shilrobot/
cleaned up keyboard binding
colors = [