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This setup allows to trigger an IFTTT event whenever a web page changes. It uses the urlwatch utility and the IFTTT Maker Channel.


  • Sign up to IFTTT.
  • Connect IFTTT's Maker Channel, and take note of your Maker key.
  • Create a new Recipe that takes the Maker Channel as input and outputs wherever you want. I used IF Notifications with the IF Android app, so that I get a notification on my phone whenever the trigger runs. The script passes the updated URL to IFTTT as value1, and my notification contains URL updated: {{Value1}}, so that I know which of the web pages has been updated.
  • On the machine that will check the website for changes install urlwatch and python2-requests.
  • Echo the URLs to check to ~/.urlwatch/urls.txt, one per line.
  • Then, copy over my to ~/.urlwatch/libs/ adding the URLs to the ifttt_urls tuple and substituting YOUR_TRIGGER_NAME and YOUR_MAKER_KEY.