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This is the little script I put together to turn my Vroom slides into a PDF. It uses `wkhtmltopdf` to do the hard work.
#! /bin/bash
# To make this work, you will need Vroom 0.28 or later. Slide notes are optional, but
# recommended. Slide titles won't be used for this application.
# Earlier versions of Vroom will work if you add the dashes in front of the vroom commands
# (e.g. `vroom -compile` and `vroom -html`). But the HTML is formatted a bit differently, so
# I make no promises that it will come out looking as good as the newest versions.
# You'll also need wkhtmltopdf. If you don't have it, you can get it here:
# Note that you will almost certainly need the static version in order to handle multiple HTML
# files. See the README file for full details:
# for some reason, just doing an ls of html/ doesn't get the slides in the right order
# this seems to fix it
vroom compile
slides="$(ls 0* | perl -lne 'print "html/$_.html"')"
#echo $slides
vroom html
wkhtmltopdf -O Landscape $slides MShowto.pdf

With Vroom-0.28 you can leave out the dashes before compile and html.


barefootcoder commented May 30, 2013

Good call, Ingy. I've updated the code to reflect this.

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