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Created August 10, 2021 02:57
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def distance(pid, yr):
# Computes the Mahalanobis distance for a given player to all other player.
# Get player data
player = orig_data[(orig_data.playerID == pid) & (orig_data.yearID == yr)][cols]
sid = player.index.astype(int)[0]
print('Comparing: {} (id: {})'.format(pid, sid))
# Mask invalid values in the player vector
pvec =
min_player = None
min_val = None
for i in range(len(data)):
# Get the ith player season
cdata = data.iloc[i]
# Ignore the current player season
if == sid:
# Mask invalid values
cvec =
# Find difference between x and y
delta = pvec - cvec
# Find Mahalanobis distance
dist = np.sqrt(np.einsum('nj,jk,nk->n', delta, invcov, delta))[0]
# Check to see if current distance is smallest, if so, keep it.
if min_id == None or min_val > dist:
min_player = batting_data.iloc[i]
min_val = dist
# Print out the most similar season
print('Most similar: dist: {}\n{}'.format(min_val, min_player))
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