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Make editing/extending objects slightly less verbose
$(el).data() is fine if you're using it for simple key/value pairs, but if there's any depth (objects), adding to or modifying said objects becomes a verbose pain in the ass.
This extension method uses $.extend() to add or modify any object with the given key:
...and you can use the same $.extend syntax to do deep copies, overload several objects, etc.
$.fn.dataExtend = function(){
// Are we in a deep copy situation?
// If so the data object label will be the second argument.
var i = typeof arguments[0] === "boolean" ? 1 : 0;
// Grab the label before replacing it in the arguments.
var key = arguments[i];
// Replace the label with the actual object.
arguments[i] =[i]);
// Replace data with itself extended by whatever was passed.,$.extend.apply(this,arguments));
return this;
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