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@barneycarroll barneycarroll/patdj.js
Last active Nov 8, 2019

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DOM patching without: provide two DOM elements, the second (and contents) will be modified such that it resembles the first
function patdj(target, update, preserve = true) {
if (update.nodeType != 1 && update.nodeType == target.nodeType)
target.nodeValue = update.nodeValue
else if (update.nodeType != target.nodeType || update.tagName !== target.tagName || update.type !== target.type){
const { nextSibling, parentNode } = target;
const replacement = preserve ? update.cloneNode(true) : update;
if (nextSibling)
parentNode.insertBefore(replacement, nextSibling);
else {
const properties = new Set();
for (const key in update)
for (const key in target)
for (const key of properties)
if (!(key in update))
delete target[key];
else if (update[key] !== target[key] && !isNaN(update[key]))
target[key] = update[key];
for (const key of new Set(
[...update.attributes,].map(({ name }) => name)
if (!update.hasAttribute(key))
else {
const value = update.getAttribute(key);
if (value !== target.getAttribute(key))
target.setAttribute(key, value);
let index = Math.max(update.childNodes.length, target.childNodes.length);
while (index-- > 0){
if (!update.childNodes[index])
patdj(update.childNodes[index], target.childNodes[index]);

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barneycarroll commented May 22, 2017

Revision 5 introduced sub-tree node patching at the expense of property patching

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