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function ping($host, $port=25565, $timeout=30) {
//Set up our socket
$fp = fsockopen($host, $port, $errno, $errstr, $timeout);
if (!$fp) return false;
//Send 0xFE: Server list ping
fwrite($fp, "\xFE");
//Read as much data as we can (max packet size: 241 bytes)
$d = fread($fp, 256);
//Check we've got a 0xFF Disconnect
if ($d[0] != "\xFF") return false;
//Remove the packet ident (0xFF) and the short containing the length of the string
$d = substr($d, 3);
//Decode UCS-2 string
$d = mb_convert_encoding($d, 'auto', 'UCS-2');
//Split into array
$d = explode("\xA7", $d);
//Return an associative array of values
return array(
'motd' => $d[0],
'players' => intval($d[1]),
'max_players' => intval($d[2]));
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