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Created Oct 14, 2010

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(autoload 'wl "wl" "Wanderlust" t)
(autoload 'wl-other-frame "wl" "Wanderlust on new frame." t)
(autoload 'wl-draft "wl-draft" "Write draft with Wanderlust." t)
(add-hook 'wl-init-hook 'ecb-deactivate) ;;ecb messes things up for me
(add-hook 'wl-exit-hook 'ecb-activate)
(require 'mime-w3m)
(setq ssl-certificate-verification-policy 1)
(setq elmo-imap4-default-server "")
(setq elmo-imap4-default-user "")
(setq elmo-imap4-default-authenticate-type 'clear)
(setq elmo-imap4-default-port 993)
(setq elmo-imap4-default-stream-type 'ssl)
(setq elmo-imap4-use-modified-utf7 t)
(setq wl-smtp-connection-type 'ssl)
(setq wl-smtp-posting-port 587)
(setq wl-smtp-authenticate-type "plain")
(setq wl-smtp-posting-user "")
(setq wl-smtp-posting-server "")
(setq wl-from "Me <>")
(setq wl-default-folder "%inbox")
(setq wl-dispose-folder-alist
(cons '("^%inbox" . remove) wl-dispose-folder-alist))
(setq wl-default-spec "%")
(setq wl-default-spec "%")
(setq wl-draft-folder "%[Google Mail]/Drafts") ; Gmail IMAP
(setq wl-trash-folder "%[Google Mail]/Trash")
(setq wl-stay-folder-window t)
(autoload 'wl-draft "wl-draft" "Write draft with Wanderlust." t)
(setq wl-folder-check-async t)
(setq mime-edit-split-message nil)
(setq wl-draft-reply-buffer-style 'keep)
(setq wl-fcc-force-as-read t)
(setq wl-summary-max-thread-depth 30)
(setq elmo-message-fetch-threshold 500000)
(setq wl-prefetch-threshold 500000)
(setq wl-stay-folder-window t)
(setq wl-folder-window-width 30) ;; toggle on/off with 'i'
'From nil 'eword-decode-and-unfold-unstructured-field-body)
'To nil 'eword-decode-and-unfold-unstructured-field-body)
(setq mime-view-ignored-field-list '("^.*"))
(setq wl-message-visible-field-list
(append mime-view-visible-field-list
'("^Subject:" "^From:" "^To:" "^Cc:"
"^X-Mailer:" "^X-Newsreader:" "^User-Agent:"
"^X-Face:" "^X-Mail-Count:" "^X-ML-COUNT:"
(setq wl-message-ignored-field-list
(append mime-view-ignored-field-list
'(".*Received:" ".*Path:" ".*Id:" "^References:"
"^Replied:" "^Errors-To:"
"^Lines:" "^Sender:" ".*Host:" "^Xref:"
"^Content-Type:" "^Content-Transfer-Encoding:"
"^Status:" "^X-VM-.*:"
"^X-Info:" "^X-PGP" "^X-Face-Version:"
"^X-UIDL:" "^X-Dispatcher:"
"^MIME-Version:" "^X-ML" "^Message-I.:"
"^Delivered-To:" "^Mailing-List:"
"^ML-Name:" "^Reply-To:" "Date:"
"^X-Loop" "^X-List-Help:"
"^X-Trace:" "^X-Complaints-To:"
"^Received-SPF:" "^Message-ID:"
"^MIME-Version:" "^Content-Transfer-Encoding:"
"^X-Priority:" "^X-MSMail-Priority:"
"^X-Mailer:" "^X-MimeOLE:"
(eval-after-load "mime"
'(defadvice mime-entity-filename
(after eword-decode-for-broken-MUA activate)
"Decode eworded file name for *BROKEN* MUA."
(when (stringp ad-return-value)
(setq ad-return-value (eword-decode-string ad-return-value t)))))
(eval-after-load "std11"
'(defadvice std11-wrap-as-quoted-string (before encode-string activate)
"Encode a string."
(require 'eword-encode)
(ad-set-arg 0 (or (eword-encode-string (ad-get-arg 0)) "" )) ))
(setq elmo-msgdb-extra-fields
(cons "content-type" elmo-msgdb-extra-fields))
(setq wl-summary-line-format-spec-alist
(append wl-summary-line-format-spec-alist
'((?@ (wl-summary-line-attached)))))
(setq wl-summary-line-format "%n%T%P%1@%M/%D(%W)%h:%m %t%[%17(%c %f%) %] %s")
(add-to-list 'wl-summary-sort-specs 'rdate) ;;reverse date as default sort
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