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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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TODO List For 1.0

  • Finish closures

    • wrap new closure implementation so that this isn't an issue:
    • stabby lambdas
      • potato: add to parser w/ compiler error
    • non-local return
      • potato: just disallow return inside blocks converted into closures that aren't lambdas
    • nested bindings: they should work nicely
    • Java 8 MetaLambdaing when targeting 8. It'd be cool if we could use Java 8's lambda impl when on 8
  • access level modifiers / synchronized

    • modify class scope so that it has retains state about access levels
    • attach modifiers to method definitions based on access level state
    • read modifiers from code gen--some of this is done
  • case expression

    • potato
      • add to parser w/o adding to compiler. done
      • convert to naive if elsif
    • figure out what the callback for when is
    • wire into typer / compiler
    • specialize certain types for case statements--eg enums / nums should -> jump table
  • extensions

  • interface default methods

  • generics

    • decide on syntax
    • potato: add syntax to parser
  • define operator set

    • == / ===
    • <=>
    • etc
  • finish constants

  • they've got scope issues -- private constants aren't helpful

  • they are not lookupable from subclasses

  • issues:


  • better boxing

  • issues:


Pie in the sky

  • macro definable intrinsics?
  • it'd be cool if you could write a macro that drops ASM
  • goto?
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