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Registers a [public_attendee_list] shortcode. Should work with The Events Calendar + WooCommerce Tickets (or any of the other related ticketing addons). Simply drop the shortcode into the event description and it will *publicly* list how many folks are attending etc... tweak to make it fit your own needs! You may for instance wish to add a check…
* Generates output for the [public_attendee_list] shortcode.
* Assumes we're interested in the current event or, optionally, a specific
* event ID can be provided:
* [public_attendee_list id="789"]
* This is a rudimentary starting point only! Please assess and tweak to
* fit your own needs.
* @param $params
* @return string
function build_public_attendee_list( $params ) {
// Which event are we interested in?
if ( is_array( $params ) && isset( $params['id'] ) ) $id = absint( $params['id'] );
else $id = get_the_ID();
// Is it truly an event?
if ( TribeEvents::POSTTYPE !== get_post_type( $id ) )
return '<p> Unable to display attendee list: this does not seem to be a valid event. </p>';
// Get the attendees
$attendees = TribeEventsTickets::get_event_attendees( $id );
// Perhaps no one is attending
if ( empty( $attendees ) )
return '<p> No confirmed attendees just yet. </p>';
// Form a report of any known attendees
$report = '<p>' . count( $attendees ) . ' confirmed attendees: </p> <ul>';
foreach ( $attendees as $attending ) {
$name = esc_html( $attending['purchaser_name'] );
$order = esc_html( $attending['order_id'] );
$report .= "<li> $name (#$order) </li>";
return $report . '</ul>';
// Register our new [public_attendee_list] shortcode
add_shortcode( 'public_attendee_list', 'build_public_attendee_list' );

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@barryhughes barryhughes commented Nov 26, 2014

Quick use: add to your theme's functions.php file (but remember that, typically, you will need to remove the leading <?php tag before doing this).

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