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These toy examples are for helping with understanding C/C++. There is an excellent C++ samples site which demonstrates many useful things.


Useful Posix Commands

These commands are as Posix possible. Where differences exist between operating systems, specific instructions for the OS will be noted.


OpenSSL Base64 Encoding: Binary Safe and Portable

Herewith is an example of encoding to and from base64 using OpenSSL's C library. Code presented here is both binary safe, and portable (i.e. it should work on any Posix compliant system e.g. FreeBSD and Linux).


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2013 Barry Steyn




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Useful Commands

View substring.cpp
* This is a very cool method to perform the leetcode task.
* It is time O(n) (n being the size of string S) if it is
* implemented with an unordered_map on line 65, otherwise it
* is O(n*log(m)) (m being the size of the vector L)
* This method demonstrates how hashes can be used for
* comparison instead of strings. It is inspired by
* the topcoder article:
View edit_distance_1.cpp
* Dynamic programming at its best! The trick is
* that erasing a character, and inserting a character
* are inverse operations and therefore can be considered
* just one operation (See comments below)
class Solution {
View rotate_matrix.cpp
class Solution {
void rotate(vector<vector<int> > &matrix) {
int N = matrix.size()-1,
temp = 0;
for (int i=0; i < N; i++) {
for (int j=0; j+i < N; j++) {
//Only one temp variable is needed
View bubble_sort.cpp
* My Canonical example of a C bubble sort
* This is still O(n^2) (no getting away from that)
* but it is slightly more efficient than the classic
* examples given in textbooks because the inner loop
* loops one less every time
void bubbleSort_c(int *arr, int size) {
int temp = 0;