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Bootstrap Carousel, with jQuery fallback for Internet Explorer (To have sliding images)

Thank you mate...


Works like a charm ! It's a shame the PR was denied. Thank you !


Great Job! Thanks for the Shim!


Awesome! Thanks :)


Great fallback. Thanks!


thank you so much!!


This is perfect. Thank you so much!


Works great with latest bootstrap v3.3.1 too, solved my problem for IE 8, 9. Thanks a lot


awesome! thanks!


thanks for that


Works great. Thanks !! :)


Solved my problem for IE 9.


Hi, great work. Working fine in IE there a similar fix for Carousel 3.3.4 ?


@visitmehere: watch my fork


Works great! Thanks!


awesoom !!! thanks!!


but How to use this with bootstrap.min.js If i am including both of them then it's not working but if am using only this js then it's working fine but other effect of bootstrap.min.js is gone now.. Can I use both of them together.....


Just minify your own js.


I put carousel.js in my HTML but still slider didn't work in my html.



Thanks for your code.
Slide is working, but I have error in console google chrome. Line 215.
"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'to' of null"

It is ok ?


Thanks for your awesome suggestion!!!

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